25 Craft Kits For Adults to Keep You From Going Stir-Crazy at Home

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With over a month of social distancing behind us, you might be running out of TV shows to watch, games to play, and books to read. But if you’re hunting for a new project that will keep your hands busy and your mind engaged, may we suggest a craft kit? Sure, arts and crafts may seem like a childish preoccupation to you, but even as an adult, crafting can offer delight and distraction, and may even give you something you can display at home (or ship to a distant friend or family member who’s in need of cheer).

“But I have more important things to do during this time,” you may be saying. Quiet those thoughts and humble yourselves for a moment, and remember that a pandemic does not necessarily mean more time to create the next great American novel. It might just mean sleep, basic hygiene, and fun DIY friendship bracelets for you and your cat.

Below, we’ve scoured the internet to find 25 crafting kits that have all the tools you need to put together simple crocheted baskets or complex yarn llamas, and maybe even some new décor for your apartment. The price ranges are accessible, too, and each will hopefully take your mind off the chaos ensuing outside your door.

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