Unusual Canned Food: 15 Foods You Didn’t Know Come In Cans

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Canned food is a surprisingly big topic of conversation right now. As we socially distance and shelter in place to weather the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all stocking up on shelf-stable foods, canned goods among them. Bean sales are through the roof, and canned tuna is having a moment.

But there’s only so many times you can crack open a can of chickpeas or tomatoes before you start to get sick of ‘em. If that’s you right now, then I heartily recommend exploring the wild world of food that comes in cans, beyond the standard fare.

Here is a sampling of the remarkably wide array of tasty, nutritious, surprisingly practical—and dare we say, exciting—products you can add to your canned food rotation.

Editor’s Note: The products listed here were available at the links below as of publication. If something is sold out, look for an estimated restock date at the top of the Amazon product page. You can also check the seller’s store for similar products or Google to find something similar.

One more thing: Only buy what you need. Per public health officials and retailers, panic-buying in large quantities is unnecessary and can contribute to shortages.

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