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Get Ripped After 50

I could not be more excited to share with you all Jari’s Amazing Transformation.  He had many goals when he started, to get ripped after 50, to get healthy and become more confident.  He also mentioned how important it was for him to be a support system for his amazing wife Tia and her weight loss journey.  Fast forward to today and as you can see in his pics below, he CRUSHED IT!! Look how ripped he is and he did it over the age of 50 all from the convenience of his home.  Very proud of you my friend.

Jari’s Stats- He Dropped 36 lbs, 9″ off his stomach and 18% Body Fat

Day 1 – Weight- 227 lbs, Stomach- 44″, Body Fat- 29%

Final Stats- Weight- 191 lbs, Stomach- 35″, Body Fat- 11%



Jari’s Story

With age comes wisdom, or at least that’s what we’re led to believe as children. Perhaps it’s more realistic to have the understanding that as we grow older we realize that we just don’t know what we don’t know. At least until some change of events in our lives forces to us to have a learning experience. And those experience can happen at any age.

The year 2020 came with far more challenges than any of us had planned for. As if everyday life doesn’t have enough day to day challenges to work through as it is. At age 50 my body was feeling the health and fitness decisions of my younger days. Time finds a way of catching up with our bodies. Spending the past 30 years of my life being focused on the role of father and husband fitness never seemed to find its way to the exact top of the priority list.

Oh I exercised off and on over the years achieving various degrees of fitness or lack thereof depending on the year. As the kids began to get older my wife Tia and I found ourselves with more and more time to explore various fitness hobbies. Running, Biking, Canoeing and Weight lifting were just a few. We really thought that we were living a healthy life style. Heck we even drank fruit and vegetable protein shakes every morning. Little did we know that everything that we were doing was wrong. We needed to make some changes before we allowed it to become dead wrong.

How To Lose Belly Fat


With the youngest having just moved out of the house we found ourselves in a place that we had spent many hours dreaming about. We had raised our children and we were still young enough to go enjoy the world around us. We had planned so many adventures to travel together. We wanted to see the world. We now had the time but as we looked at our reflections in the mirror we were struck with the reality that we may now have the time but we lacked the physique, the fitness level and drive to follow up on those dreams of ours.

Truth be told the frustration and embarrassment that we each felt was starting to affect our relationship as well. Neither of us was proud of how our bodies had evolved. When did this happen? After all, we were living a healthy lifestyle, right? Wrong! We knew we had to make some changes and we knew we needed help fast if we were to succeed.

In the spring of 2020 we were all hit with the menacing virus that would in one way or another take over all of our lives to some degree. Unsure of what was to come we had to decide how we would react to the drastic changes of our societal norms. We could embrace the fear and continue down a path that would never let us break free from the bodies that we now felt trapped in, or we could embrace faith and do something about it. We chose faith. We asked for help and help is what we received.

Happy Fit Couple


In June Tia was excited to share a podcast with me. It was Truth Talks with Dr. Mitch Harlan. He was speaking with Micah LaCerte and Diana LaCerte about the Hitch Fit program. We watched and listened to everything they had to say that day. We were moved and driven to take the action that we so desperately needed. We signed up for our first 12 week round of Couples Boot Camp. We wanted to see what our best could look like. We wanted to be able to have our adventures. We wanted to see what would happen If we tried and didn’t give up.

I was always a skinny kid and had a hard time gaining size. That didn’t change much as I grew older either. Early on I realized that if I ate what I wanted when I wanted I could gain size. And I quickly convinced myself that if I lifted weights I would gain muscle which would burn off all the fat that I was putting on my body. What I didn’t realize then was the size I gained would eventually come back to haunt me.

It felt good to be a little bigger, to have some kind of a presence. But after a few years of that flawed mentality things got away from me. It became harder and harder to do enough. I would start a new work out and before I knew it I wanted to give up. That’s the scary part. What if you I just stopped trying? That’s when you know you need some help right? Well for me that’s when Hitch Fit came into my life through that podcast to turn 2020 into one of the best years for me in so many ways and I would get ripped after 50.

Get A Ripped Back


I signed up, I was committed. When I first receiving the packet I felt overwhelmed, unsure of myself. But I knew that I deserved batter. I knew that my wife deserved better of me and that if we were going to live those dreams of ours than I had to do what was necessary. I dove in, excited for this opportunity. I was committed to learning this new lifestyle. Committed to being the best me that I could be.

The great thing about the Couples Bootcamp Program is that I not only learned how to properly exercise to achieve the results that I wanted, I learned how and when to eat to support that physical activity. In this program Micah shares the secrets that I needed to properly nourish the body while burning fat. I learned a new way of approaching health and fitness.  I changed the way I took care of my body. I saw the difference that knowledge and guidance can make, and I was loving it.  After 12 weeks of some fun but intense training and a proper diet I found myself in better shape than I had been since my days in the Army. I felt young again.


My wife was feeling her success as well. We were both overjoyed by the changes that we had realized in ourselves. We did it. We were hooked. But was this our best? Was this all we had? Not yet. We immediately signed up for a second 16 week Couples Boot Camp. There was more to be accomplished and we were going after it. What would happen if we didn’t give up?

Sixteen week later, a total of seven months has led me to a new life style. It has provided me with the lean muscular body that I had always wanted as a younger man and never knew how to achieve. I’ve watched my wife transform her body right along with me. We did this together and it has brought us closer together as a couple. Hitch Fit started out with me asking for help to change my body. At age 51 I can proudly smile and tell you that Hitch Fit has changed my life. I am feeling and looking my best. The dreams of adventure that my wife and I have feel a lot closer now. I’m excited for what I have achieved and I’m committed to being Fit for Life. It changed my life. It can change yours too.


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