Weight Loss News – How can your Intuition help you lose weight?

How can your Intuition help you lose weight?

Stress activates a chemical signal inside your body that tricks it into believing that you need to gain weight.

This stress response is a famine response. We can blame this on primitive adaptations stemming from our early days, back before we had 24/7 mini-marts and needed to hunt for our food. (Back then, holding onto weight was a GOOD thing!)

What is the #1 thing that stresses us out?

Uncertainty. Not knowing the future or what to expect or what is coming your way.

We aren’t wired to thrive while experiencing a surplus of uncertainty. It makes us anxious and triggers the stress response mentioned above.

What can make your body experience less stress and feel safer?


Strengthening and listening to your intuition.

Your intuition is also known as your ‘gut instinct’ or sixth sense. It’s that little voice in your head that warns you when things seem wrong, and encourages you when things seem right.

Maybe your intuition has helped you land a great business deal, or get together with a fantastic romantic partner, or avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Your intuition catches all of those tiny, almost imperceptible hints that your conscious mind misses. It draws on a huge database of past experiences and knowledge to help you make informed decisions — without you even realizing it!

It’s a very powerful tool! But it’s a tool that grows dull if you don’t use it!

How do you keep it sharp?

Through visualization.

When you visualize and meditate, you aren’t relying on your other senses. Your intuition, or sixth sense, takes over.

Deliberately working with your intuition on a regular basis helps you become better connected with it, strengthens its signal, and lets your body know that you’re in control.

You’ll find over time:

  • Your ‘gut feeling’ gets stronger
  • You feel less anxious
  • You’re less likely to stress eat due to stress

Now …isn’t it time for your daily visualization?

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