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Inspiring Female Weight Loss

Lets talk about an inspiring female weight loss story that will blow your mind.  We had the great opportunity in working with Tia and her husband Jari.  Both of these individuals did an amazing job.  Combined they dropped 88 lbs but as you will read below it was far more than weight that they lost.  They had created a new life, a new way of living.  Their future looks so much different now and I could not be more proud of them.

Tia your hard work, dedication to the process was so inspiring to watch.  Week by week I saw you becoming better and better in most every way.

This feature will focus on Tia and her amazing journey, Her husband Jari’s story will be out very soon.


Tia’s Results- Inspiring Female Weight Loss Story

Day 1- 197 lbs  Final- 145 lbs  Total Loss- 52 lbs

Stomach- Day 1 -41″  Final- 33″ Total Loss 8″

Hips- Day 1- 47.5″  Final 39.5″ Total Loss 8″

Body Fat- Day 1- 49%  Final 21% Total Loss 28%

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Tia’s Inspiring Female Weight Loss Story

Transformation: noun – A dramatic change in form or appearance.  An extreme, radical change. An important event such as getting your driver’s license, going to college, or getting married.

In every sense of the word, my life has been transformed. And this amazing transformation started by watching a very powerful podcast about becoming Fit for Life with Micah and Diana LaCerte of Hitch Fit. They were talking about creating the transformation that I was hungry for. They explained the process of losing the weight that I wanted to lose. But more importantly they explained the steps that I would need to take if I ever wanted to meet a newly transformed “Me”. I had to know more. I wanted to know how. I was committed to making the change in me. It was time for a transformation.

Looking back at this transformation I now realize that I needed to understand myself first in order to make the changes that I so desperately desired. I now realized that I am a product of what I have gained through this experience and not what I have lost.  I lost fat!  Fat is what is what I lost.  But what I gained is a completely new perspective about myself and others in this amazing way.  I used to be a negative person who hid under a smile and a fake shroud of positive energy that I would borrow to get me through each day.  Now I’m different, the layers of who I once was have been stripped away. Each layer being stripped away exposing part of the story of myself.

How To Lose Weight Off Your Hips



THE 5 LAYERS I HAD TO OVERCOME (10 lbs at a time)

My first layer that I was able to strip away, let’s say the first 10 pounds, was my layer of self-doubt.  I had always believed that I was unable to lose weight.  My family was not a family of small people, big boned is the nice way we called it.  Stripping away that first layer proved to me that I could actually lose the weight.  I was no longer trapped by my family traits. I broke the cycle.

The second 10 pound layer was my self-esteem.  I began to see that it was possible, which in my mind losing weight was so impossible. I started to make a change and believe that anything is possible.  I noticed that my self-esteem was improving, growing getting stronger every single day.

The third layer was my confidence and self-reflection.  Stripping away this 10 pounds helped me to see that people were really noticing the weight loss. This made me uncomfortable at first, just for a moment.  I had the confidence that it was possible but now they saw me differently than before.  My personality has carried me a long way in life, but now people saw me as a different type of woman.  They saw that I was more than a bubbly personality. I started to reflect on how much of my being that I tried to hide.  It was not my appearance that I hid a lot, it was also my frustrations, my low self-esteem, my internal struggle with food and poor decisions with food.  Now I had confidence, I had change.

How To Lose Weight Off Your Stomach


My fourth layer of 10 pounds was the turning point!  This is where I was able to embrace this new me. I was getting more comfortable explaining how I had lost the weight.  I was beginning to have a real influence on others who had shared my struggles.  I now realize exactly how much pain my weight had caused me. I understood how big of a problem weight gain was for so many others around me. People whom I spoke with every day. I became excited to share my story to help others.

I started to gain confidence to share my pictures, and pictures of my husband’s success for others to see our progress.  I wanted to help people make a change by sharing my experience. By embarrassing these moments with others started to feel good about myself.  I was no longer embarrassed of the woman that had I left behind but excited to help others find what I had found through my transformation.  The smile I had was finally genuine.  I looked forward to getting up every day, to see people and to sharing my story.  I noticed that many, perhaps all of my real problems were a no more than a byproduct of how I felt about myself.  No more, now I was becoming an influencer. I made a difference.

Tia was able to put some skates back on and do something she loves.  This is the smallest she has been since the age of 12


The last layer that I stripped away was the hardest, 50 pounds.  I had to work harder and harder to lose the weight of this layer. But through this struggle I had learned what real sacrifice was all about.  I learned how proper nutrition, hydration, and exercise play such an integral role in my life.  I have to admit that there were times when I could hear the voice in my head saying “You lost the weight, now you can have cake if you want it”.  That was a battle.

Thankfully I now have a bigger voice in my head that reminds me. That little voice is exactly what got where me where I was at, and it quickly reminds me of the struggle food presented my life.  This is the only time in my life that I have a bigger voice that encourages me to keep going forward. To stay strong and never turn back to the addiction. Through Hitch Fit I was able to find the me that God had always intended me to be. I finally stripped away the layers and I like who I found underneath. I wanted to be a inspiring female weight loss story for other woman out there.

Now for the personal stuff, the reality of my transformation.  This is what I believe is real, the hardest part is that I had to face myself, my own struggles my own reality.  I was frustrated with myself, my husband, my kids, my boss, my life.  Anyone who knew me then, my children, friends or people I would run into, got the person of the day.  They got my hidden frustration and shortness of me having to just be there at that moment.  They got the fake smile I described in the beginning.

My pleasantness didn’t have much substance to it, I was just trying to keep them liking me even when I didn’t even like myself.  My husband was wonderful through all of my struggles. It saddened me to see and feel how it was wearing on him as well. He accepted me as I was and provided the encouragement and support that I needed to get through so many of my days. Not to mention the strength to undertake this journey.

Inspiring female weight loss story


The transformation happened, the change was realized. I just can’t express how amazing it feels to now wake up next to my husband and know he is looking at me with desire again, and not an obligation.  It feels amazing to put on anything in my closet and it fits, or it’s a little baggy now!  It feels amazing to go out with friends and just have conversations about anything and nowhere in my mind am I wondering if my size, shape or look is being judged.

I once hated to have my picture taken, now I am excited to take them.  I don’t hide in the back or worry about a pose to get me best side or make myself look thin, I AM FIT, I AM THIN.   My overall health is awesome! My blood work numbers are perfect.  I no longer worry that the doctor is going to tell me that I have to lose weight. In almost every aspect of my life Hitch Fit has helped me to transform me for the better!

In conclusion, I must address those that helped to make this possible for me.  I would have never been able to do this on my own, plain and simple.  Although others can and have, I glad that I have this team sitting at my table.

Dr. Mitch Harlan – my boss and my friend.  He has always believed in me. For years he has told me that one day I would be who I want to be, it will be in my own time.  I never understood this, but he was always positive and believed in me every day.  He would talk to me and encourage me with a story he had to share. I’m so happy that some of this started to sink in.  Each encouraging word helped to make all of this possible.  Dr. Harlan has spent years working on his books, programs and podcast in an effort to help others.

It was his Truth Talks podcast on Hitch Fit that started the changed my world, I am so grateful.  He now smiles and says, funny how God works sometimes.  Thank you for all of your encouragement Harlan. Thank you for you’re Truth Talks Podcast, you help to change lives every day, specifically mine!

Micah & Diana LaCerte – These are two of the most beautiful people.  The example set by both of their physiques has inspired me but it’s what’s on the inside, underneath the physical beauty where I see two beautiful souls!  I cannot believe how caring and encouraging both have been through this transformation.  I can say I have never had an experience with someone that was willing to go through every step of the hardest journey I have ever been through in my life.  They were very attentive to the question and concern I had along the way.  Without Hitch Fit, I would never be sharing my amazing journey.  I will forever be grateful. I will forever share my Hitch Fit experience.

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My job – To all of our patients I get the pleasure of serving everyday of my life.  Their encouraging words have meant the world to me.  It means so much when so many people show their support through their kindness.  I used to picture my day as going in and helping people get through their emotional and physical pain, however in reality, these kind souls were helping me get through my own pain. I am grateful.

My kids – I always want to be a positive role model to my children. The kind words and the looks of satisfaction that I receive from them keeps me going every day.  Nothing makes me happier than to see the loving approval on their faces now and to hear their words of pride in my accomplishments. This is the best for a mom.

My Faith – I believed this could happen for me, it just took a lot longer that I realized, and it all came together exactly as it should.  I told God I was giving him my weight and he needed to give me his strength.  I know he has a plan for us all!

Most importantly, my husband – This man never loved me less, never different, no matter my size or the weight on the scale.  I am grateful for the Air-Raid siren support that was so annoying to help motivate me, when I had no energy or desire to keep going.  He encouraged me every step of the way and sacrificed absolutely everything he had for me.

Thank you for signing up for Hitch Fit along side of me so I didn’t have to do the program alone.  Thank you for saying yes even though I had failed every time before, which is more than I can count.  We did this together and his success has also provided him with the most amazing outcome for transformation as well. I can only hope that he sees me as different as I see him.  This man is kind and supportive, simply the best person I could ever know, let alone get to call you my husband.  I am so grateful to God. JARI’S STORY COMING SOON

Fit Over 40 Couple


I think I have to end this with a promise, a promise to my husband to be the best version of myself for him.  I feel like an entirely new person, one that is far more capable of being what you deserve.

Three statements I keep near and dear to my heart:

“I want to see what happens if I don’t give up”

“Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard.  Choose your hard”

“Stop dragging your wagon and get your Hitch Fit”




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