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Keto vs Hitch Fit

Over the last few years many people have jumped on the Keto train using it as a way to drop weight quickly.  There are some major flaws with this style of nutrition. Im going to breakdown Keto vs Hitch Fit and show you an amazing transformation.

Keto Vs Hitch Fit

The 1st issue is you have to pull out a majority of your carbs.  When you do this you do drop weight but what kind of weight are you losing?  Are you losing muscle, in many situations yes. Water weight, yes of course. Yes you may lose some fat too but how muscle muscle is sacrificed?  Losing muscle will lower your overall metabolism, which is not good.

The 2nd issue is at some point you will want to have carbs again so the body will rebound especially if you bring them back quickly and bad carbs, its normal for people to gain all their weight back they lost with keto and more.

The 3rd issue is what is called keto flu, some people get this and others do not but the ones that do feel very sick early, it can take a few weeks to get through this. Also make sure to monitor your minerals and vitamins because you are eliminating carbs you will lose some important essentials things for the body.

The 4th issue – A long-term observational study in over 130,000 adults linked animal-based low carb /high fat diets to higher rates of death from heart disease, cancer, and all causes

Are there some benefits to Keto, Yes.. If you have epilepsy it has been found to control seizures it also has been found to help drop blood sugar levels.

Knowing these things and understanding the human body here at Hitch Fit we stick with balanced nutrition so that the body has a variety of different healthy carbs, fats and proteins.  Something that is more lifestyle based.  Each of the macros have essential things that are important for the body so its never good to pull one out for an extended time period.  If you do just understand there is a consequence.   Another huge benefit is looking and feeling your best.. Chad’s results prove this but his testimonial talks about the difference in how he feels.


Lose Belly Fat


Starting Weight: 205-  Ending Weight- 190

Starting Waist Measurement  35- Ending Waist- 31.5

Starting Body Fat Percentage  15.01- Ending Body Fat % – 10.86


Hitch Fit Diet


16 weeks ago, I was in pursuit of finding someone to give me the tools and wisdom I needed to get to the next level of fitness and wellness.  I have always been extremely active and dedicated to exercise and fitness my whole life, but have never been at the level where I wanted to be physically or mentally.

In search of this, I searched like any scholar: “GOOGLE”: fitness expert in kc, fitness nutritionist kc, and so on….  I came across this website called HITCH FIT and started looking into it.  I quickly realized there were hundreds of thousands of individuals at all fitness levels that reached crazy peak results and I knew this was the right place for me.  I started emailing Micah on multiple occasions in regards to my current keto lifestyle and exercise regime. During my year of keto, I had short sustainability and felt horrible with minimal results. I was 205 lbs and bloated all the time.   Micah quickly educated me on what I needed to start implementing in my diet/exercise without asking for anything in return. I was hooked from that point on and realized I was working with someone with passion who truly cares about his clients physical and emotional well-being.


Fit Couple Hitch Fit

I cannot stress enough that eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly is the key to success.  Micah will lead you to your desired goals as long as you are consistent and stick with the program.  Micah emails you a detailed exercise and nutrition guide that is custom to your body-type and goals with unlimited email support.  He tells you EVERYTHING (diet, timing, exercise, supplements, cookware, grocery list, you name it) you need to know in order to be successful.

I just turned 30 a few months ago and feel and look better than ever thanks to HITCH FIT.  I would highly suggest you reach out to Micah or Diana.  They are the best at what they do and will set you up for lifelong success.  #HitchfitForLIFE!

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