Importance of Staying Hydrated During Weight Loss Dieting

stay hydrated. drink plenty of fluids

Optimizing your weight loss effort by staying hydrated – Importance oF Staying Hydrated During Weight Loss Dieting

Importance of Staying Hydrated During Weight Loss Dieting. Healthy weight loss and performing at your best by maintaing healthy levels of fluids & electrolytes

Most people don’t realize the importance of staying hydrated when dieting or doing exercise to lose weight. Drinking lot of fluids is critical. It is also very important when you are exercising, playing sports, moving around or simply laying in the sun. Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles in an easier and effective manner., which in turn allows the muscles do their job effectively. Above all it is very important for the heart health. as heart doesn’t have to work as hard. Dehydration can be critical condition that can lead to problems ranging from swollen feet or a headache to life-threatening illnesses such as heat stroke. Dark urine or stopping to sweat while doing hard physical activity may be tell tale sign that you maybe severely dehydrated. Most people ignore these signs and along the way may face a serious medical situation.

When discussed with lot of folks dieting and exercising or even walking to lose weight , a common defensive reaction is that they even though they had a few glass of water, they had plenty of other fluids such as coffee and sugary drinks, so how could they be dehydrated. Well, if it is your reaction too, think again. Taking in lot of hot caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea, fruit juices or sugary drinks, carbonated drinks and other so called health drinks, may be tough on your gut when you are dehydrated. Best thing is to avoid drinks containing sugar and caffeine, which are diuretic and make you to lose more fluids. Additionally, if you are skipping your food besides beverages, that is not good either. Your food intake generally can account for approximately 20 percent of your daily fluid intake, and are therefore a major contributor to your overall hydration status. Including fruits (not fruit juices) and vegetable snacks, that are naturally rich in water, carbohydrates and minerals, including those all-important electrolytes, in your restricted weight loss diet can be very helpful in keeping you hydrated in a healthy way. Slices of citrus fruits like oranges and grape fruits can do wonders with your hydration. . Importantly, hydration not just critical during physical activity. Sitting in the sun on a hot or humid day, dieting with lower food intake even if you aren’t exercising, can also cause your body to need more fluids. Even when travelling it is desirable to keep an eye on your hydration.

Drinking lot of right kind of fluids at regular intervals and plenty of water a couple of hours before bed and upon waking can help with your weight loss effort. Additionally, try water and healthy no sugar added juices at breakfast to get the kids to drink up. Stay a step ahead of the disastrous effects of dehydration, it’s important that everyone starts their day and or workout hydrated, drink during activity and rehydrate when it’s over and most of the day.

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  1. gurvinder singh says:

    There is big question in mind that I have which I am finding it difficult to get clear answer on is if drinking water before bed healthy? Some of what I have read and have been told that not just during the day but it may be critical to be hydrated while sleeping for an effective weight loss. Also, that drinking plain water is more helpful that drinking water with little bit of lemon or lime juice. For me, either way it hasn’t worked very well as it makes me slightly hungry and I have an issue with sleeping. When I forced it for a couple of weeks my weight actually increased (of course there may be some other factors too) but being hungry made me slight uneasy and delayed my sleep cycle.

    Also additionally, during the day is it more effective to drink water on regular intervals or a couple of big servings of plain water are as effective. I will be very interested in feedback from experts or users alike, even though by doing so my body has spoken and clearly it has not worked out for at least wher drinking before bedtime is concerned. .

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