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Best Weight Loss Transformation

Is this the Best Weight Loss Transformation I have ever been apart of, quite possibly.  In 8 months Bill totally transformed his body and life at the age of 51 years old.  He did it through covid-19 which puts an extra layer of difficulty.

He dropped 61 lbs from his heaviest of 240.  Before reaching out to me he had dropped some weight on his own, then made the choice to take his body to an elite level. Holy smokes did he do that!! For results like this to happen you have to be 100% fully dedicated, where every single choice you make is about making yourself better.

Week by week I would see his body change, his strength increase and his confidence start to shine!! Bill is a husband, a father to multiple children and has a successful business.  He used that same dedication in transforming his body that he did in building his business!!  Bill I am very proud of your hard work.  You are an inspiration to so many.

Best Weight Loss Transformation

Best Weight Loss Transformation

Bill’s Results (his heaviest 240 lbs, with 46″ stomach)

Day 1

Weight- 199 lbs

Stomach- 36″

Body Fat- 17.16%

Final Numbers


Stomach- 31″

Body Fat-7.04%

Successful Weight Loss

Successful Weight Loss

Bill’s Story

Since a very young age I have had a drive for living life to the fullest and realized also that I had a passion for helping and inspiring others.  Those realizations were born into a career as a financial advisor in the early 1990’s. Since, I have founded Keen Wealth Advisors, a national investment firm, have become an Amazon best-selling author and long-time podcast host of the popular podcast – “Keen On Retirement”.

My faith is very important to me and I am blessed with my wonderful wife, Carissa and a blended family of 5 children ranging from ages 11 to 25.

At age 40 I pursued my passion of becoming a pilot and ultimately owning an aircraft. I am now able to put that passion to work flying all over the country on various missions.

I am blessed to have a very full and active life for which I am eternally grateful.

Fitness Couple

Fit Couple Over 40

It was clear early on that to bring my best self to my wife, kids, clients, employees and friends that it was important to be in top spiritual, emotional, and physical condition.  As I say throughout my work as a financial advisor and author – “there are plenty of things that are beyond our control – most things actually, but there are things that we do have control over and we have no excuse for not controlling the controllable”.

In July of 2019, I had just returned from a family vacation in Cabo San Lucas and I looked at a beach picture of myself in a swimsuit. I didn’t like what I saw in that picture.  Funny how that works when you see yourself in a picture that isn’t very flattering.

I made a commitment to myself that I would make a change and take back control of my diet and exercise – and ultimately my health. There is diabetes in my family, I had been having sleep issues, and in addition was experiencing knee pain even on the shortest of walks.  My weight was nearly 240 and all of my custom suits were not quite fitting properly to say the least.  It was time for a change.

Lose Belly Fat


One thing that I have learned over the years is that we rise and fall to our peer groups. It’s amazingly important to have inspiring peer groups.  Similarly, if I need to hire a pro in an area that’s outside of my expertise (which is nearly every area besides financial advice), I want to hire the best of the best that is currently walking the walk and not just theorizing about things.  When I walked into the flight school for the first time, I asked for the most senior flight instructor and yes, he could be brash at times to say the least – but, that’s ok, I was looking for the best training possible.

When I bought my first airplane, I hired arguably one of the best instructors for that specific plane on the planet – Major General Hank Canterbury, to come into Kansas City for a week to do my transition training.  General Canterbury flew over 400 combat missions in fighter jets and was a member of the prestigious US Air Force Thunderbirds.  He also happened to specialize in the airplane that I had just acquired.  It would be an understatement to say that General Canterbury was brash and curt at times, but his style got my attention and his teaching sunk in – again, arguably the best in the world.

This is the same message I give to someone who is working on their personal financial future.  Get with an advisory team that is world-class, that has your best interest in mind, and who is walking the walk and at the top of their game.  As in flying, the stakes are too high to sell yourself short.

When it comes to health and fitness the stakes could not be higher.  Not to be dramatic, but truly life or death.

Ripped Guy Over 50

Ripped Guy Over 50

When I recently decided to get serious about my health and fitness, I knew I needed to reach out to Micah LaCerte. My wife, Carissa, was super encouraging as she knew that I had trained with Micah about 12 years prior and had learned a lot and made great progress but had never finished my transformation.  I had been following Micah and his wife Diana’s many accomplishments on social media over the years, but honestly, I was somewhat embarrassed to reach out after realizing how I had let myself go. Over the course of my life, I have spent a lot of time in the gym but it was hit and miss at best.  I even damaged both of my shoulders lifting too heavy and with improper form while in college.  Those injuries led to me having to have both of my shoulders fully replaced back in 2011.

Successful Business Man
Successful Business Man

Successful Business Man

Nonetheless, I made the call and was grateful that Micah took me on again.  When I choose a professional, I not only look for someone who is maintaining world class results, but also for someone with whom I share similar values.  I totally respect the message that Micah delivers consistently across his platforms with respect to the right reasons for working on your health and physique and his regular mention of his wife Diana and his faith. There is nothing better than partnering with a top professional that has a proven formula to achieve the desired result.

No more guessing or hoping that you are on the right track. Yet another important aspect that I appreciate about Micah is that he makes it clear that he is training his clients to be able to go live in the world and maintain their conditioning on their own – with personal accountability and new habits.  While willing to step in when necessary, he is not looking to tie his clients to him forever.


The journey through this transformation at age 51 has been amazing.  It has required discipline and persistence.  Although, like being a husband and a father, founding my firm Keen Wealth, writing my first book, and becoming an instrument rated pilot – these things take commitment, persistence, tenacity, determination and grit- but then the magic happens – and that magic, in my opinion, is that it’s totally possible to become that person one is committed to being – the story changes about just exactly who we are, we step into the shoes of the new man or woman and the habits we have built through all of that discipline and intention become much easier to continue.  It’s now who we are – a new identity.

I’m grateful that I dropped the story of “I’m over 50, My shoulders won’t allow it, I’m too busy, blah blah” and said “Not one more day, the time is now to make these changes”.  And guess what I found out?  Eating healthy and intentionally is actually easier than trying to wing it! Being prepared and thoughtful about my diet was tough at first but the habits that were formed became second nature.  When I would take a scheduled free meal I would enjoy it, but then look forward to getting right back on the plan. What an unexpected byproduct of the lifestyle!

And I’m grateful for Micah’s wisdom and commitment to my journey. He could see around corners that I could not see around and believed that these results were possible before I could believe it.

Fit Guys Over 40


Over the past year when folks would witness some of my discipline around diet and exercise, I would regularly be asked why I am doing this – I would answer by saying “the question is not why, but why not?”  When it comes to health and fitness I have learned through Micah that its virtually never too late to make a beginning to better yourself and become that new man or woman that you desire to be. I have found that my family, friends and clients appreciate deeply that I am taking care of my whole self – body, mind and spirit and what could be better than that?  And, we are just getting started!



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