Weight Loss News – Lose 20 Pounds And Get Healthy In 12 Weeks

Lose 20 Pounds And Get Healthy In 12 Weeks

Today we get to share an awesome story with you all.  He shows us all how to Lose 20 Pounds And Get Healthy In 12 weeks.  Day one day Babir let us know his goal was to get his body to a place it had never been and to get lean/healthy the right way.  12 weeks later he crushed his goals losing 20 lbs.  Overall Fantastic work.  Babir we are very proud of your hard work.  Below you can find his stats, pictures and story.  Take the time to read it, he gives some great insight if this type of journey is something you are seeking for yourself. 

Babir’s Stats

Starting- 181 lbs, Stomach 35″, Body Fat- 26%

Finish- 161 lbs, Stomach 31 1/2″, Body Fat – 12.86%

Lose Stomach Fat


Babir’s Story

About 10 years ago I weighed over 220. Being over weight or obese never came to mind until I was laughed at for being over weight. I sometimes managed to get my weight as low as 180 only to have it shoot back up to 200 in a matter of months.

Babir At 220 lbs

I didn’t have enough of a “why” to keep my weight or health in check. Last year the doctor told me if I don’t lower my cholesterol I could be looking at being put on a medicine or have a high possibility of a heart attack. So I found my why and decided to have a lifestyle change instead of a burst of action to lose weight just to have it come back. So I have been on this new life changing journey to live a healthy life. In that process I have hit walls that have no idea on what to do until I met my good friend Micah.

Healthy And Strong



The past 3 months have been the most learning experience for me besides the workout which are great, I have been learning about making better healthy choices that truly matter most when it comes to health. There is so much confusion and overload of information on the web but my reliable source of information has been Hitch Fit. Never in my dreams could I think about being 161 in weight and even attempting to get close to 12% fat from 26% fat. But Micah has proven to me through his guidance that this is possible and half the battle is sometimes believing that I also like Kumail Nanjiani can be in the best shape no matter my background. No matter age and background we can all dream of being in the best shape and forget weight numbers, it just feels great being able to keep up with 4 kids on a day to day instead of losing my breath each time we would go for a walk. So my parting words are audit your life, find your way and find a mentor/teacher like Micah that can help you believe in the possibility of being the best YOU.


Amazing Results And I Made A New Friend


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