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Mexican Culture Weight Loss

Today I get to share an inspiring mexican culture weight loss success story.  Janeth wanted to be an example in her culture that getting healthy and fit was possible.  I could not be more proud of her for her hard work and dedication throughout this process.  When you set your mind to something, anything is possible.  She is living proof of that.


Her Results

Starting Weight- 149.5 lbs  , Ending Weight- 125.5 lbs

Starting Body Fat %- 30.85  , Ending Body Fat %- 17.01

Starting Stomach- 32 1/2″  , Ending Stomach- 28.5″

Starting Hips-  42″  , Ending Hips- 39.5″

She Dropped- 24 lbs, 6.5″ and 13.84 % Body Fat


Janeth’s Story

Hola, my name is Janeth Montoya I’m 35 yrs old and married to Abiel Montoya who’s also in this weight loss transformation with Micah LaCerte at Hitch Fit. We have 5 kiddos (18,16,11,9,7 yrs old) My husband joined Hitch Fit in Oct 2020.   A month in and he insisted that I join and go through the process with him. I joined on Nov 2020. This has been the best decision we have ever made to better our health and be able to see our kids grow old and be part of our Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren lives, yes I plan to be that old and alive lol.

Lose Belly Fat


I feel attractive once again after going though that mommy hood and ignoring my looks in making sure my kids had everything they needed and wanted. I’m loving the new me, my husband is really really loving the new me lol!!

 I have not been this weight since since I was 16 years old and had my first kiddo who now is turning 19 in Aug 2021. I went from size 8 to size 2. It feels great to be able to get up and not feel exhausted and tired.


In the Mexican Culture we eat a lot of flower based foods. Confession: this was the hardest part of the entire transformation. We eat everything with tortillas and bread. It’s been supper hard when our family gets together every weekend  (it feels like everyday) and eats not so healthy. I wasn’t just trying to keep my self from eating with them but also my husband.. Mexican food is his weakness!! I really believe that he (my husband) is my biggest challenge but we worked together to make it work.

Fit Mom Weight Loss


A huge shout out to Micah that was there for us and was able to keep our minds active and positive through our entire Journey! He listened to all of our good and bad thoughts lol love his positive attitude!! Love Hitch Fit’s purpose and mission! It is really to help as many people as possible live a healthier life.

“Come on people life is to short and soo beautiful.  We can make the best of it while we are still able to make a difference for ourselves. So get up and contact Hitch Fit now!!!”

Program Choice: Couples Bootcamp


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