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Weight Loss Plans for women over 40

lose weight plans for women over 40

Weight Loss Plans for Women over 40. At 47, Renee, a busy working mother of 3, felt that she had tried it all! With peri-menopause symptoms (night sweats, weight gain), she felt miserable. She found Hitch Fit Online Personal Training through a google search and knew this was just what she was looking for! The combination of nutrition and training not only led to fat loss, it also helped eliminate the peri-menopause symptoms she was experiencing. Renee is now on the path of long term healthy living!

Renee’s Before and After Weight Loss over 40 Stats: 

Pounds of fat loss: 12

Body fat percentage loss: 7.17%

Inches lost at waist: 3.5

Inches lost at hips: 2.5

Renee’s Before and After Lose Weight after 40 Photos: 

lose weight during perimenopause


weight loss plans for women over 40

Renee’s Story and Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Review: 

How to lose weight over 40

At 47, I found myself 28 pounds heavier than I was before I started having kids. My weight has fluctuated over the last 19 years, but after my third kid at 35, it just got harder and harder to lose weight, and the scale kept creeping up.

I exercised here and there (weight training and trying to do some cardio) but could never stick to it for an extended period of time. I also tried dieting (keto, low carb, intermittent fasting, etc) and again, could never stick to anything.

I knew that I had to get my eating under control, or any exercising I did would be a waste.

I found Hitch Fit by doing a google search on personal trainers.

I was specifically looking for a program that would give me a workout and nutrition plan.

The nutrition plan was most important to me. I loved that the plan was so detailed and told me exactly what to do.

It took a lot of preparation, but once I got organized, I had everything printed out and just had to follow it every day, which made it very easy.

Since I don’t live in Kansas City, my program was self-driven with weekly check-ins with Diana. For whatever reason, I was ready to be disciplined and stick to the program.

I started December 14th, and made it through the holidays, coaching my daughter’s high school swim team and getting Covid without missing one weight training session and staying on the nutrition plan 90%-95% of the time. I’m sure my workouts weren’t as great as they would have been if I was working with Hitch Fit in person, but 16 weeks of weight training and following my nutrition plan produced results that I am thrilled about!

I can see definition in my arms and legs, my muscles feel tighter and I don’t feel as flabby as before. I lost 12 pounds, 2.5″ off my hips and 3.5″ off my waist and feel so much better!

Reduce Symptoms of Peri-Menopause

“Like most women my age, I had been dealing with symptoms of peri-menopause (night sweats, swelling, heart palpitations, weight gain in the stomach, etc). I really felt miserable.

However, once I started following the nutrition plan, eating better and losing weight, all those symptoms went away!”

I’ve accepted the fact that getting in shape is a marathon and not a sprint. And the nutrition plan I followed was not a diet plan, but the lifestyle plan that I need to follow the rest of my life.

My goal is to be in the best shape of my life by the time I’m 50 (I still have another 15 pounds to lose!), but I still have 2.5 years to achieve my goal.

I’m thankful that I found Hitch Fit, because the combination of the training and nutrition plan helped get me on the right path.

And a final note, I’m a busy working mom of 3! (If I can do it, anyone can!)”

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